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Family Photoshoot at the Louvre

The Louvre and its surroundings will provide unbelievable sites that will make your trip to Paris, and your family photoshoot

Romantic Photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower

The romantic charm of the Eiffel Tower is the reason that you can see couples taking their wedding pictures at this landmark.

Photoshoot at the Palace of Versailles

With the majesty of the palace, the beautiful peacefulness of the gardens, and the weight of history, a photoshoot at the Palace of Versailles would be an extraordinary and special affair

Walk with my Personal Photographer in Montmartre

With museums, cabarets, quiet streets, parks, and one of the most iconic churches in Europe, it is a perfect neighborhood to walk around with your own personal photographer.

Friends Photoshoot at Notre Dame

As a wonderful example of gothic architecture, and one of the first buildings in history to use flying buttresses to support its structure, this cathedral is perfect for a photoshoot with your friends.

Sacrée Coeur photo session

This white basilica is an incredible example of Romano-Byzantine architecture, unlike any other in the entire country, the view provides an incredible backdrop for any kind of photoshoot

Pompidou Museum Photoshoot

The Pompidou is one of the most important and prestigious modern art museums and the perfect place for anyone looking for a completely original, non-cliché photoshoot in the city of lights

Photoshoot at the Champs Elysee

The Champs-Elysée the most famous square in all of Paris. With its energy, beauty, and diversity, the Champs-Elysée provide countless photo opportunities that can fit anyone’s style.

Opera Garnier Photoshoot

If you love romance and interesting stories, the Opera Garnier is the place for you. Its elegance, beauty, and historical importance make it ideal for a glamorous photoshoot.

Artistic Romantic Pictures on Pont des arts

The Pont des arts has always been one of the most important bridges in Paris. Play around with the lovelocks, change backgrounds, and celebrate love for make romantic pictures

Le mur des je t'aime Romantic Pictures

Hidden within a small park in a quiet street in Bohemian Montmartre, there is one of the most romantic places in the entire city of Paris. The possibilities for pictures, however, don’t end there

Photo souvenir in the gardens of Les Invalides

The world’s most glamorous military museum sits close to the Seine and is surrounded by magnificent views. It is an amazing place to have an incredible photo souvenir with you family, friends